We only use the best products available for your home.  There are many products on the market that fit into

this same category. All reputable integrators use products that are top quality. The only difference among the products tends to be the personal preference of the integrators. Most of the automation products we use, you have never heard of do to the specialization of them, and the newness of the technology. All reputable integrators use the best products available for 2 reasons. The first is we want our customers to have the best home experience that there can be. The other reason is we don't want to get the late Saturday night telephone call from any of our customers saying their system is not working. At Automated Lighting & Living Inc, in the unlikely event that it becomes necessary to make that late night or weekend call, we are available 24 hours a day.



Lighting Control:   Lutron. Lutron invented the dimmer and has been a leader in the technology since

                                 the 1960's. Lutron has a series of automated light control starting with the Caseta

                                 which is designed for small installations. Radio Ra2 is good for up to 200 switches,

                                dimmers, and occupancy sensors.



                             Converging Systems:  Converging Systems makes color LED controls. The built                                       in color computer will allow dimming and raising of the light level while maintaining                                    the color. With the computer control, a choice of 16 million different shades of                                                color available. The controls can also be tied to automated functions where another                                     event, such as the front door opening, can  trigger a certain light level, and color.



Automation:          RTI. RTI is a company that has been growing and developing since the early 1990's

                                  They are the only company that still manufactures an all button remote,

                                essentially the same format since the very beginning. While updated and able to

                                handle many more simultaneous commands (macros), it is still  the only practical

                                remote for a blind person.

                                The ethernet based control hubs are able to integrate all the different control 

                                platforms (Z Wave, Thread (Nest), Zigbee, Apple Homekit, etc.) into the same remote,

                                and have them all work together seamlessly.

                                 Automated Lighting & Living Inc is proud to be a certified dealer for RTI


                                Pro Control. Pro Control is the economy version of RTI it does much of what RTI 

                                 does, except it is designed for single room control. It is owned by RTI


                                URC. URC (Universal Remote Control) makes good, budget minded remote controls.

                                We most often use these in smaller bedrooms where cost is a factor. While very high

                                quality, there is not much choice in the graphics.


Audio:              Denon. Denon has demonstrated its' quality and reliability over many years. It is a

                                household name and, with the addition of the Dolby Atmos surround mode, will make

                                your listening and movie watching experience much more enjoyable


Whole House

   Audio:           Autonomic. Autonomic is the maker of the Mirage Audio Servers. These work on an

                                 ethernet based digital audio system, using all the cloud based formats, including Pandora

                                 and Spotify. The music can be played through their amplifiers or outputted to any other



                                 RTI AD4&8 These  amplifiers will take up to 8 incoming streams of music and broadcast

                                 them to up to 64 different zones. The control is either direct or through the home IP



                                Denon HEOS is self contained, network based wireless server, amplifier, and speaker. It 

                                is simple to install and is controll by a smartphone, tablet, or dedicated remote control. 

                                install and is controlled by a smartphone, tablet, or dedicated remote control. It streams all

                                the cloud based formats as well.


                               Sonos This brand of whole house audio is probably the best known in the industry. We do not

                                  actively promote sales of Sonos do to their huge presence in the DIY market and direct sales to 

                                  customers. We do sell and program Sonos for those who ask for it, and can integrate Sonos with

                                 RTI, URC, Pro Control, and Lutron for a great listening experience at an extremely affordable

                                 price point.


IP Network:    Luxul. Luxul is a commercial grade network system. Its' wireless routers have double

                              the range of any purchased, or rented, from cable providers. The routers and switches

                              are extremely reliable, simple to program, and have great encryption. Their reliability                                  and quality  make them a must for any installation.


                               We are proud to announce new software, called Router Limits, is now available 

                               directly installed on several different new Luxul  routers, and available on others. This

                              software enables parents to limit the times their children can access the internet, and

                              limit the content they are allowed to see. It also works well for small businesses 

                              IT departments to limit employee use of social media and pron websites during 

                              working hours


                              Do to some really bad experiences in trying to work on homes with inferior networks,  

                               we will not do an installation that does not have commercial quality network devices.                                   The reliability, signal quality, and security of commercial equipment is significantly

                              greater than devices made for home use.

VIDEO:                 We are glad to recommend  LG, Sony, or Samsung TV's to our customers. They are all

                             high quality companies that make excellent TV's. 

                             We do sell two brands of outdoor TV's,   Seura and Sunbright. They make TV's that                                 range in size from 32 inches to 84 inches and have been tested and proven to be                              watertight and viewable in direct sunlight.



                            Motivated Design   builds some of the strongest and most innovative TV and art lifts in                                the industry. The lifts are designed to withstand the rigors of use on yachts where to boat

                               can be moving around violently while the lift is in the up position. 



TV Lifts: