Lighting Automation is our specialty, but entire home automation is our passion.

Internet Networking:

 A robust and reliable network is essential for every home network. It is the backbone of all home automation. We site test for WiFi,  and design a system to meet the needs of the homeowner or small business owner. Security is critical to any computer network, and we make sure your network is as safe as possible with heavy encryption and guest networks. Your kids can have their friends come over and bring their mobile devices, knowing they only have access to your guest network, not your important personal information. 

We also install easily configurable parental controls by Router Limits to make sure your children are not on the internet when they shouldn't be, and are not exposed to malicious or pornographic websites. 

Automated Lighting:

As our name states, we specialize in lighting automation, both artificial and natural. We can give you control of all the lights and window treatments in your home at the touch of a button. We can also fully automate both your lights and window treatments by selecting either a fixed time for lights to  come on and go off, or set them relative to sunset and sunrise. Window treatments can be set to open and close depending where the sun is during the day, any time of the year, and can be set to close after dark for privacy

Entertainment Systems:

Our principals have been providing quality listening and viewing experiences to customers for over 20 years.  We design and install both audio and video to suit your needs and budget.  Dolby has just come out with a new surround mode called Atmos that greatly enhances the viewing experience. With a totally new way of processing sound, Atmos gives  a much more immersed feeling to any movie. The surround sound receivers are reasonably priced, so switching from existing surround sound receivers is well worth the investment. 

Home Integration:

Home automation is what makes everything work together. It is not just adding a bunch of apps on a remote or tablet. It is taking all of the apps, putting them together,and making them all work as one.

Home automation is giving you the ability to control everything with as few button presses as possible.

Soon we will be able to have you control many of the functions in your home just by talking.

      We can make almost anything work with automation. The only limits are your imagination.