Fiber Optic Cables

                              We are proud to announce a new product line we will be selling and installing.
    Fiber Optic Cable is going to be needed to carry the vast amounts of information that will be coming into homes in the very near future. With TV's becoming  more high definition by the month, and internet speeds increasing all the time, existing copper cable will not be able to handle the speed and volume needed to maximize the benefits these new technologies will provide. Many businesses, both large and small, are using fiber optic cables now.
     There has been a major breakthrough in the cable itself in the past 2 years that makes installing fiber optic cable safer and faster. The new cable can have over 200 lbs of pull exerted on it before damage is done, compared to the 12-15 lbs of present cable. It can also be bent in a radius 9 times sharper than present cable. It can even be tied in a knot and still work. It can be terminated, with special equipment, in under 3 minutes and, for those in the business, uses standard SC and LC ends, the most common ends available. It is almost impossible to hurt yourself while terminating the ends, you cannot stab yourself with the fiber, and there are no little glass shards that might get on a carpet where children are playing.
    While we are pleased to be offering new fiber optic technology, we still sell and install computer, telephone, speaker, control, and alarm cables,